Musk Ming Art Calendar 2018


Prinz Eisenherz Motzstraße 23, 10777 Berlin, Germany

Gallery Mooiman Noorderstationsstraat 40, 9717 KP Groningen, The Netherlands

Dragon Dance 翔龙
Acrylic on Canvas, 47x94cm, 2017
© Musk Ming

Berlin24 Magazine Articles

Music video collage tribute to the Chinese films of the 1980s

Chinese Articles by Musk Ming in "GS" Magazine 27th, 2016


Musk Ming's music video "I Am THE GREATEST" nominated for the Berlin Music Video Awards 2016!

Musk Ming's music video "BEST FRIENDS" has been officially selected for the Berlin Music Video Awards 2015

Musk Ming music   


 MUSK MING's fine art in Gallery Mooi Man


Galerie Mooi Man
Noorderstationsstraat 40
9717 KP Groningen